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Pima Cotton: the best in the world

The Pima Cotton is harvested on the northern coast of Peru by hand, a process that allows to differentiate the qualities of cotton.

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#Whomademyclothes ?

Graciela Huam is a Peruvian Dutch fashion brand inspired by both countries, our garments are hand woven by Peruvian artisans using the method of knitting. Our materials: 100% Peruvian alpaca, baby alpaca and pima cotton raws, which are ideal for the production of high quality garments due to their durability, versatility and fineness.

Graciela Huam Knitwear perfectly combine different types of stitches, reliefs and designs, which mesh perfectly in order to create high fashion garments, unique and exclusive, that will allow you to stand out with a chic, sophisticated and prêt-à-porter look.

Our team works with Andean communities and cooperatives that are gathered in associations that govern their work activities through the Fair-Trade policy that promote a voluntary and fair trade relationship between producers and consumers.

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Knowing the origin of our knit garments

Alpaca is an “auquenido”, they are mammal of the order of the camelid. These are original species from Peru and Bolivia.

The Alpaca has a size of 90 centimeters and measures 1-1.40 meters long. It weighs on average 80 kilos. The head is small, the forehead broad and flat. The ears are very mobile, directed forward when they are watching and Backwards when running when being persecuted. The eyes are large, very expressive, with kind and timid look. The fur is soft and ideal for the production of clothing. Their coat is mainly white, gray, brown or black.

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