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BAME brands you should know

Image from Hanifa official


With everything that’s happening in the world right now, we know we can’t be silent. Graciela Huam wants you to know we fully support the BAME (Black, Asian, and minority ethnics) populations and their fight for their rights. Being that we are also part of a minority ethnic in a foreign place as Graciela Huam was born in the heart of Perú. This brand has an Inca spirit and cherishes its culture and history. It’s time for people to know more about the BAME community, its history, and its cultural background. Educating ourselves about what we don’t know or understand is the first step. With this in mind, we encourage you to do so!

In addition, another way to support the BAME community is through their businesses. We did our research and found really interesting brands that we like to recommend to you. Let’s talk about them!

Jam +Rico

Jam+Rico is a jewelry brand founded by Lisette Scott. Her parents are immigrants from Jamaica and Puerto Rico. For this reason, they tried her best to show her most of their cultures. She grew up knowing the food, the music and loved the stories they told her. But she always knew that she wanted to travel to these islands one day. And when she finally did, she was impressed by the culture, the colors, and beaches. Everything she discovered there inspired her to transform the magic she saw into jewelry.

Image from Jam+Rico



Graciela Huam- Lola Ade

Lola Ade

Lola Ade is a jewelry brand with a West African heart. The name means “Wealthy crown” in the Yoruba language. Lola, the founder of the brand lived her childhood in Lagos, Nigeria, which opened her eyes to a diversity of colors and textures. Thus, this experience allowed her to meet the artisans that she would work with to make her handcrafted jewelry. Now, she loves to travel to gather inspiration for her new creations, but without losing her essence!

Image from Lola Ade 

Thebe Magugu

Thebe Magugu is a South African designer. His style is sleek and forward-looking. He uses his creativity to express social commentaries, particularly about women’s rights in South Africa. As a matter of fact, Magugu’s last collection presented in this year’s Paris fashion week, showed prints referencing subtle political statements on the country’s rising femicide rate. Magugu is also a big supporter of South African artisans. The new logo satchel was handcrafted by artisans in Johannesburg and the knitwear was all made in Cape Town.

Image from Thebe Magugu


Graciela Huam Blog- Thebe Magugu
Graciela Huam Blog- Hanifa


Perhaps you’ve heard about Hanifa or her founder Anifa Mvuemba lately? The brand was recently news all over the internet because they presented the first 3D runway without models. Anifa Mvuemba is native from The Democratic Republic of Congo and she designs for a young bold, daring and fun girl. Her latest collection, Pink Label Congo, is inspired by the stories her mother told her about her own experience living there: How much the women suffer, but how strong they were to overcome everything. She hopes to empower women through her creations.

Image from Hanifa official


Galerie.La is a concept store that curates the finest selection of emerging sustainable fashion brands. They believe style and design shouldn’t be at the expense of the social and environmental impact they can cause. On their website, you can find clothing, accessories, shoes, bags, and even beauty products. They also have additional filters like: “Eco friendly”, “Recycled”, “Vegan”, “Local”. And when you click on them you can see only the products that apply to that description. When you are shopping in Galerie.La, you are making a conscious shop in every sense.

Image from Galerie.La

Graciela Huam Blog- Galeria.La

We hope you love finding out about these brands as much as we did. Don’t hesitate to go visit their sites and discover all they have to offer!


Until next post,

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