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How to identify an alpaca garment?

First, let’s identify what an alpaca is. Alpacas are mammals that have been around for thousands of years, as their presence dates from pre-Inca cultures.

In fact, the largest population of alpacas in the world was found in the Inca Empire in Peru, given the country’s climatic conditions and soil characteristics.

In addition, it has not only a natural sheen but also thermal properties. But most of all, the alpaca fiber is:

  • Fine
  • Soft
  • Durable (Its fiber does not break, wear or deform)

Because of all this, this sought after fiber has become the perfect fabric for the production and design of high quality garments.

Tips for identifying alpaca clothing:

  • It is soft and smooth on both sides
  • Feels damp to the touch
  • Although it has a natural brightness but shines less than synthetic products
  • If the alpaca fibers are observed with a magnifying glass, you will see a greater pilosity

Alpaca garments are fashionable and, nowadays, renowned designers display alpaca clothing on the runways with great style.