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Pre – Order: an emerging model?

In today’s post we are going to talk about an important emerging sales model and its importance in a sustainable fashion industry, Pre-Ordering (or trunk show). But before addressing this, we need to explain the problems this comes to solve.

Designers and brands usually follow the common process, which means they estimate the number of pieces they will produce based on their previous sales history, or their analysis of their target market. But truth is predictions are uncertain. There is always going to be clothing left unsold.

Likewise, this model is not dependent upon the pieces a buyer or customer may choose for their store or closet, nor is it limited to the runway garments a given designer may decide will actually be put into production. One can, literally, shop the runway or launching. Also financially and environmentally has a huge impact.

Financially, this is a problem that attacks the owners of the brands financially because of the cost of maintaining the excess of inventory. If this is an important problem for big stablished brands, imagine how hard it is for starting entrepreneurs to deal with this.

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This method is helpful for the designers because pre-sale prevents financial loss from over-production. Hosting pre-sales limits the risk involved and provides money to pay for production up front. This is really important for entrepreneurs who are struggling with their costs, sourcing, sampling, and marketing before sales and production can even be considered. Besides they are avoiding problems like warehousing, insurance, transporting, and costs from damage or theft to deadstock.

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Environmentally speaking, our planet also suffers the consequences of the excess of clothing made by brands.  According to Forbes – Making Climate Change Fashionable article, the clothing and textile industry is the largest polluter in the world.  Also, approximately 15% of fabric intended for clothing ends up on the cutting room floor. So, making one more t-shirt that is not going to be sell, it’s a huge harm for our planet.

Pre-ordering reduces the waste and damaged to the ecosystem caused by the fashion industry. Because, as mentioned before there won’t be overproduction. Besides, once orders are placed, they can calculate how much fabric and other supplies are going to be used, by having the information of quantities ordered, sizes, colors, etc. This way we reduce waste at its minimum.

The pre-ordering model helps both of this problem and this is how it works. A pre-order is held before a product is made and available for purchase. The clients see a product, then order it, and a few months later they receive it. Sometimes, you can even customize the product when you are ordering it, depending on the brand. We create this pre-order model for you:

In the fashion industry, this model has been growing more and more. A great example of pre-ordering model in action are trunk shows. In this events, you can see a runway or exposition of their clothing, and after that, pick the ones you loved and order them.

We also have online platforms, like Moda Operandi, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and Matches Fashion, where you have a bunch of brands offering their collections and you can pre-order the pieces you choose. And they will arrive 3-4 months later. And now, a lot of designers and brands are including the pre-order options in their own websites.

Let’s not forget that pre-ordering also helps the costumers, because it not only guarantees your favorite styles don’t sell out, but it can save you money too.  By pre-ordering, consumers are allowing brands to cut out financial waste in production costs. This allows the companies to offer better prices for customers without having to cut costs in other ways that are usually socially and environmentally unethical.

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This is about making a thoughtful purchase, not buying by impulse but considering all the process behind a piece of clothing. You are making a conscious choice. We know it’s not easy if you are not accustomed to buy so far in advance. But this changes are the ones to make a difference. Besides, who doesn’t want to enjoy wearing a unique piece? It’s not going to be a mass produced piece of clothing, so you would rarely see it repeated!

So, would you be willing to pre-order one of Graciela Huam’s exclusive designs? You will receive your clothing before the season starts, and if you don’t like you have the chance to give it back.

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