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The best knitwear looks from the 90s

Gianni Versace, 1994Photography by Richard Avedon from Another Magazine


In fashion, some trends are so iconic we must bring them back. They were popular among everybody but many live in our memories because of that amazing outfit certain celebrities wore on that tv show we loved or that MUST HAVE outfit we saw in our favourite magazine.


Today, we are going to talk about the 90s, that time when they were all obsessed with Friends and the Rachel haircut. When our biggest fashion Icon was Cher from Clueless and the ultimate romantic gesture in every rom-com was making a mixtape. Oh, such a simpler time.

As we are knitwear lovers and supporters in this blog, we have recollected the best archive images we could find from this era. Below, you can see which knitwear items were the biggest hits back in the 90s.

The Cardigan Fever

A few years before the cardigan trend came back strong and has been around reinventing itself again and again. We see it in all shapes and styles. In the nineties, our favorite fictional characters were rocking them too. Every movie or Tv show protagonist was wearing it.

 “Never been kissed” movie 1999- Image extracted from WHO WHAT WEAR   

Never been kissed

Alyssa Milano- “Charmed” 1999 from COOLSPOTTERS /Fran Drescher- “The Nanny”-1994 extracted from BOBBLE CLUBHOUSE



From our fashion icon, the best dress nanny ever, Fran Drescher to our favourite tv witch Alyssa Milano: cropped sexy cardigans with crochet details was a statement piece. We would wear them today too!

The “good-girl” look had as trend-setters two of the most influential blondes of the decade: Gwyneth Paltrow loved this piece so much as to take it to a Golden Globe Award back in the late 90s.  Cameron Diaz was every guy crush and every girl style inspiration starring “There’s something about Mary” with a simple yet stylish baby blue cardigan, a basic tank, and mom jeans

The preppy Sweater Vest

Gwyneth Paltrow Golden Globes 1999. Extracted from WONDERWALL / Cameron Diaz in “There´s something about Mary”- Image extracted from PEOPLE MAGAZINE


It’s impossible for us to talk about the 90s and not mention Cher from “Clueless”. All the girls were wishing to have access to her closet and be able to put together these looks. One of our best-loved outfits is this sweater vest over a long shirt and a mini skirt. More than once we saw her showing off this look with different pieces. Vest sweaters are back in style now and every influencer has posted a picture this year wearing one but let´s not forget who did it first!

Cher from “Clueless”-1995- Image extracted from CR FASHION



The button version was also very much trendy in the 90s. The popular Monica was wearing on the first seasons of Friends, and Cameron was displaying it in a photo shoot.

Monica Geller- Friends. Image extracted from MY BAG / Cameron Diaz Photoshoot 1994. Image extracted from UK STYLE YAHOO 

The comfy Cable Knit Sweater

Cable Knit sweaters are timeless items that will always be around. Every season they change some details to reinvent it, but it’s never disappearing from stores or runways. In 1994 we would see a young Kate Moss doing a catwalk for Channel in this chunky cropped cable sweater, that could easily be worn nowadays.



Kate Moss for Channel FW 1994- Image extracted from CR FASHION BOOK 

From young Drew Barrymore in her rebel years to a teenage Jessica Alba who just started conquering the Hollywood arena, the cable knit was part of the different girl´s wardrobe no matter their styles.




Drew Barrymore and Jessica Alba 90s style. Images extracted from Pinterest.

The sexy Knit Dress

We´ve mentioned her before, but it is impossible not to think about sexy outfits that marked a period without immediately having the mental image of “The nanny”. She was always displaying carefully curated designed pieces that caught the eye of every viewer. Her maximalist wardrobe was inspiring an entire generation and continues to do so.



“The nanny”. Image from Pinterest.


These knit dresses were not only Tv show-appropriate but were also the to-go option for many celebrities when it came to public events. Jennifer Aniston and Mariah Carey, though with clearly different approaches, walked in this dress while posing for the paparazzi. Mariah goes for a sexy, kind of see-through dress, complementing the look with some cool sunglasses. Meanwhile, Jen wore a light midi-length tank dress, simple yet stylish with the animal print purse as the stand-out detail.

Jennifer Aniston. Image extracted from Grazia Magazine / Mariah Carey in 1999 Image from Vogue UK




We hope you have enjoyed taking this trip down memory lane with us while rememorating our celebrities’ best knitwear looks. We can see the influence some of these trends have had over the years. How many of these outfits are still serving as inspiration today, so take note of the style of your favourite fashion icon!


Until the next post,

Coral Castro