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The knit dress: season’s favorite

Photo: Graciela Huam SS 2018


We, women, love to look good at all times, and no season is going to be in our way to accomplish this. But, in this time of the year, when it’s a little cold, we want to be able to feel not only gorgeous but also comfortable and warm. So, is there a garment who can make all those things at once? Yes, there is, we are talking about the knit dress.

Sometimes, when it comes to knitwear, we have this idea about a big, loose item meant to keep us warm but not to make us look beautiful. There’s nothing further from the truth. Of course, we have big loose comfy dresses in this group, for those of us who love the oversized trend, but they are also form- fitting sexy dresses with low cuts, there are options for everybody.



The knit dress is a piece which is never going out of style, there are hundreds of presentations for this item, and brands are reinventing them every year. In fact, there are so popular they are one of the winter’s basics for many people, celebrities included. The Hadid sisters, for example, are huge fans of wearing knit dresses, each one in her own style.

Photo: Vogue magazine (Gigi Hadid)

As previously mentioned, there are plenty of styles for this dress, you can pick the one you like and style it with your personal touch. You can pair it up whit high knee boots, for an afternoon out, or with snickers if you want to rock an urban look. And you can even go from casual to elegant just with a pair of high heels.

And in case you were wondering if we have some of this knit dresses everybody loves in our collection, we show the options we offer you.


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Coral Castro