Graciela Huam is a Dutch Peruvian and emerging label, based in Veldhoven, Netherlands. It takes its heritage and inspiration from The Netherlands and Peru, countries that inform and guide its work. Its inspiration: the vibrant Peruvian culture with the Dutch avant-garde design and their colours are powered by the landscapes of both.

Graciela Huam collections are designed in The Netherlands and Peru and created in the Andes in Puno, using only the most exclusive Peruvian materials such as the luxurious Baby Alpaca, Alpaca and the famous Pima Cotton. It represents a breakdown of folkloric and classic knitwear turning its collection proposals in minimal designs but with a twist: risky shapes, embroidered appliques, neutral and pigment colors, and techniques handmade.

Grace is Peruvian and she lives currently in The Netherlands. She founded Graciela Huam bringing together European design, sophistication, minimalism and sustainable lifestyle combined with the traditional techniques of knitwear in Peru.

Her journal started in the department of Puno in Peru, located in the south of the country. This place is characterized by its natural resources, its working people and the majestic landscape of Lake Titicaca. Grace was involved in the natural beauty of the city, the impressive knitting work of the craftspeople and the high Andean plateau of alpacas.

All its garments are made by passionate and skilled Peruvian craftspeople. This results in beautiful and high quality pieces in a contemporary, prêt-a-porter style, creating versatile collections of knitwear.

Graciela Huam is committed to partnering with local entrepreneur artisans and small business. Currently, working in partnership with a first manufacturer, a group certified with the principles of fair trade led by Maritza and her group of 67 talented artisans.

Its design work is founded on respect for nature, universal human rights and economic justice: “We follow the principals of responsible and sustainable production, using traditional methods in order to achieve quality that is superior to industrially made products.  We believe in social respect, education and sustainability for our communities in Peru”.

Other link of the chain, is its raw material: “We employ fair trade principles with our suppliers, and we adhere to the Peruvian production regulations concerning environmental obligations. Our suppliers deliver the finest Peruvian Alpaca and Pima Cotton, empathizing in the improvement of the Alpaca and Cotton fiber through breeding programs in the highlands and Coast north in Peru, which are essential to raise animals and plants with excellent fiber”.

The whole team in Puno, Peru.

Grace’s statement: “Knitwear will always be a good investment, and just like a work of art can create a truly iconic end result. The choice of fabrics and sustainable production of our knitted garments combined with this unique technique will reveal to you the high dedication and passion we feel for our work”.

Passion Tradition Style