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How to style your high knee boots and knitwear

We know some trends, come and go really quickly, but some are meant to stay and reinvent themselves every year. We are talking about an item that has been making it to the fashion runs for the last years and it doesn’t seem to be going away. All the celebrities and fashion week attendees are proving this point. We are dedicating this article to HIGH KNEE BOOTS and of course, we are going to give you tips to style it with your favorite knitwear. So, pay attention!



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Artisanal Machines versus Industrial Machines

Today’s post will give you an insight into the knitwear world. We have previously talked about the design process in our posts, but now it’s time to delve into the knitting process itself.

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Pre - Order: an emerging model?

In today’s post we are going to talk about an important emerging sales model and its importance in a sustainable fashion industry, Pre-Ordering (or trunk show). But before addressing this, we need to explain the problems this comes to solve.

Designers and brands usually follow the common process, which means they estimate the number of pieces they will produce based on their previous sales history, or their analysis of their target market. But truth is predictions are uncertain. There is always going to be clothing left unsold.

Likewise, this model is not dependent upon the pieces a buyer or customer may choose for their store or closet, nor is it limited to the runway garments a given designer may decide will actually be put into production. One can, literally, shop the runway or launching. Also financially and environmentally has a huge impact.

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Where can you find Graciela Huam designs?

Hi again! We are so excited to be back here, sharing more posts with you.  We want to let you know Graciela Huam team is working harder and harder every day to produce the best quality clothing for you.

If you still haven’t purchased one of our items, you need to go now and check our collections.

In case you don’t know it yet, Graciela Huam is part of different stores, and today we are going to talk about them, so keep reading!

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Best of 2018!

Photography featured by Less a Fair Magazine


#2018 is about to end. It’s been a great year for Graciela Huam, and we are so thankful for it. We’ve grown as a brand and our team is more united than ever. To commemorate this year, we’ve decided to make a recount of the highlights of 2018.



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The process behind our Alpaca and Baby Alpaca Collections

Every season we work really hard to present a new fashion collection and you see our final outcome, but the process behind every piece, is very complex. The process might slightly change from one designer to another, but there are some key steps, most of them go through in order to give life to their ideas. Join us through the journey of ethical clothing creation!

Inspiration is the first step, but is not only from the creative mind of our talented designer and creative director, but also requires a lot of research. At first, there is a lot of information involved, but in order to narrow it and piece together the concept, a moodboard is made by the creative director.

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Graciela Huam takes the Neonyt

A few days ago, we were part of a new platform that we loved and we are sure you will love too. Let’s relive this beautiful experience together.

Let’s start by telling you what is this new fashion event about: Neonyt, is the new international hub for future fashion and sustainable innovation, launched by Messe Frankfurt. It’s the merge of two of our favorites sustainable fashion fairs: Ethical Fashion Show Berlin and Greenshowroom together with the FashionSustain conference, the #Fashiontech organized by the Premium Group as well as events and showcases.



Ph. Messe Frankfurt GmbH / Thomas Niedermueller


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How to style your knitwear in Summer?

If you are out of ideas on how to be your most stylish self. Don’t worry! Today this post comes with a couple of ideas to rock your knitwear pieces with clothing and accessories that are easy to find and you probably already have them in your closet.

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The Alpaca Industry in The Netherlands

We are going to head in a different direction today, and you are going to enjoy it.

As you know Graciela Huam’s clothing are made of alpaca wool. We are alpaca lovers, and we know we aren’t the only ones. In fact, here in Netherlands, we have organizations that care about alpacas very much, and we think it’s important to share a little bit of them with you.


  1. Alpaca Association Benelux.:

It’s an international association that promotes alpacas en Benelux. It’s also in charge of the provision of general information about the alpaca and the breeding of them. The help to improve of pig breeds of alpaca supported by a pedigree and an alpaca record, with the possibility of DNA-registration.

They also host an Alpaca show, during the show are the alpacas of which the alpaca breeders participate, and different labels of clothing participate in the even too. Graciela Huam was present at last year annual show: Alpaca Show Boekel 2017.


Photo Alpaca Association Benelux

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Sustainable Stylist Spring Summer 2018

Today’s post is all about trends! If you were thinking that dressing ethically with get in the way of your intent to shop consciously, you were wrong! Take a look of some of the trends of the moment, and what are the best way to pull them out, while being sustainable-friendly!

  1. Ruffles Shirts

Ruffles have been around since last year, but apparently this trend is not going away. It’s a very feminine and romantic trend that many women love and it looks so good.

Photos Harper’s Bazaar – Erdem and Valentino / SS 2018

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How to start shopping consciously!

The previous post have been about the reality behind the fast fashion world. However, you must be thinking : “but what do I do now?” Well, here you have some tips to start shopping consciously:

1. Do your research!

If you want to shop ethically, you need to know which brands follow this philosophy. Go online and check those brands, maybe you’ll discover some you’ve never heard of, maybe you can find out that one brand you like, is actually ethical.

We can give you a hand, for your inspiration:

And this is only the beginning!


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What is Fair Trade and why does it matter?

When we hear about ethical fashion we often hear the term “fair trade” too. In fact, in one of our previous posts, we have given a little definition to this term. But this time we are going to immerse ourselves a little bit more into this philosophy.

According to the World Fair trade organization, “Fair Trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect that seeks greater equity in international trade. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of, marginalized producers and workers”.

Fair trade is about conscious prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for and workers in the developing world. It also addresses the injustices of conventional trade, which is being discriminating the poorest, weakest producers for many years. It helps them to improve their lot and have more control over their lives.

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Berlin Fashion Week: Greenshowroom

During Berlin Fashion Week, sustainable fashion has a special place, two different events where you can contemplate all the brands included in this segment of fashion. And both of them were located at the Kraftwerk Berlin this year.

There is the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin, an event that presents progressive street-wear and casual wear labels. In the other hand, we have the Greenshowroom, which is more exclusive and high standard. This runway is directed for labels with more elegant designs and sustainable high-grade materials.


Photo by Thomas Niedermueller/Getty Images for Greenshowroom

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Meet the team! Christmas 2017

This past week, the Graciela Huam team gathered with the artisans who are in charge of the garment. Grace, the founder of the brand, organized a trip to Puno, a very pretty and culturally rich city in Peru, so she and part of her team would share some time with the weavers.

The main goal was the fraternization between the people, because they are all working for the same project, so it’s important to be in the same page in order to get the best results. It was also the perfect time to teach them some of the new trends in Europe, this way they have more knowledge of what is next for them. Graciela Huam is seeking to improve collection by collection, for that reason is so important to have the weavers the best prepared they can be. Also, Grace showed them the lookbooks of the previous collections for them to see how their work has been shown and promoted in Netherlands. This was the greatest idea because they felt much more involved in the project after seeing them. They felt proud to see how their work is appreciated in another country.

After the trends lecture, everybody enjoyed a meal together, and they made a toast for the Holidays, for the success of the brand, for all the accomplishments and wishing for an even better year for each of them and Graciela Huam. The artisans said they really enjoy the day because they got to learn things from other part of the world, and they felt how Grace really cares not only for their work, but for them as persons too. The weavers, their kids, and the Graciela Huam team, spent a really good time and here are some pictures that captured the moment.

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The knit dress: season’s favorite

Photo: Graciela Huam SS 2018


We, women, love to look good at all times, and no season is going to be in our way to accomplish this. But, in this time of the year, when it’s a little cold, we want to be able to feel not only gorgeous but also comfortable and warm. So, is there a garment who can make all those things at once? Yes, there is, we are talking about the knit dress.

Sometimes, when it comes to knitwear, we have this idea about a big, loose item meant to keep us warm but not to make us look beautiful. There’s nothing further from the truth. Of course, we have big loose comfy dresses in this group, for those of us who love the oversized trend, but they are also form- fitting sexy dresses with low cuts, there are options for everybody.



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Ethical Fashion: What is it and why it matters

Lately, this words has been used more often and you may have heard, “fair trade”, and “sustainable fashion” as well. But, what exactly do all of those terms mean?

In order to explain them, we have to know what “Fast fashion” is. This term refers to the phenomenon of recreating catwalk fashion, at a low cost and high speed. It results in almost 52 fashion “seasons” per year. In order to meet such high demand, something must be sacrificed. Sadly, that sacrifice is often related to the quality of the garment, environment, and the human lives involved in the production process.

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The good you do, comes back to you and reinvents itself along the way!

Time goes on and fashion always follows in its footsteps, therefore, there are several trends that fit perfectly in each era, or we could say that fashion is a symbol of class and over time has been known to differentiate, but they say that ” the good must be repeated and continue to improve, since “everything returns”, So we presented some clothes that in their time were the most acclaimed, they disappeared, but had a remake years later and proved to be as successful as in their original time.

Ethnic prints on knitwear garments

In 1924 the hipster subculture composed of young bohemians associated with indie and alternative music trends, took this style to the streets showing printed sweatshirts, knitted sweaters and cotton drill shirts that many years later were able to draw a large number of followers for this fashion.

Dior Resort 2018

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Detailed instructions for making a woolen garment

Hidden in the soft shadow of the green hills of Puno, welcomed by the dance of the beautiful grass that whispers to the air, is the existence of a technique of ancestral weaving that has been preserved for years, passing from generation to generation below Lake Titicaca.


Various communities of women from Puno use a meticulous method of weaving with great precision to obtain a garment rich in details and of great quality thanks to the materials used (alpaca wool and Pima cotton), this work cannot be done overnight since they are prepared from youth in their community to perfect this technique.

For such delicate work, they need a great deal of cooperation amongst the members of the community, so each one is responsible for performing a different part of the process.

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The fine difference of excellence: how to recognize Pima cotton garments?

To understand it, first we must know it, so let’s go back to its origins.

This plant was domesticated and cultivated by the ancient Peruvians and had extremely important influences on textile development in the introduction of weaving techniques 3,000 years ago. Different pre-Inca civilizations spread the various techniques of weaving (embroidery), dyeing (plant pigments and fibers of natural color), and drawing (mythical characters and geometric figures) in the Andean region.

With the passage of time, garments made with pima cotton presented different properties that attracted the eyes of different markets worldwide. Now we know that the microclimate, the soil, and the seed have made Peruvian pima cotton the most valued in the world for its fineness and for possessing the longest fibers.

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There are more than three million alpacas in Peru, made up of two distinct varieties: Huacaya (which have fine spongy wool) and Suri (which have soft shiny wool). The former is the more numerous of the two (accounting for 93 percent of the population).  These camelids can measure between four and five feet in height and they are sheared with knives or shears using a special technique to avoid causing the animal pain or discomfort.

The most sought-after alpaca clothes are those made using a combination of two different types of wool:

The first of these, “Baby alpaca” wool, is obtained exclusively from the initial clipping or shearing of the alpaca, which is usually carried out when the animal is two years old (so not necessarily a baby). Clothing made using this wool is heavy, lacking in sheen, very cold (it can seem damp at times) and feels silky, oily and a little greasy to the touch (it slips and slides between the fingers). This latter quality is due to a grease the alpaca produces called lanolin. These types of garments also have the characteristic of adapting to the temperature of the body, which means they are perfectly comfortable to use in both winter and summer.

The second type of wool, “alpaca” (as opposed to baby alpaca), is obtained from the second and subsequent shearings of the animal. It comes in more than 25 natural colour shades and is less soft than baby alpaca (feeling slightly rough in texture). However, it is extremely hard wearing and emerges from the production process with its sheen intact. One of alpaca wool’s special qualities is that it is both warm yet cold to the touch and also a little on the heavy side (though not as heavy as baby alpaca wool).

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