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What is happening in Peru?

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Graciela Huam, as a peruvian brand, feels the need to share information about the current situation in Perú:

November 9th, 2020, Martin Vizcarra was removed from his charge by the congress for “moral incapacity”. With 105 votes, out of the 87 required by our constitution. Vizcarra is investigated for 11 corruption cases during his time as Governor of Moquegua (2011-2014).

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Martin Vizcarra

After this, Manuel Merino was chosen president. But the population was not happy. Merino has only 1 job listed as his work experience and no degree. He also has been accused of nepotism and a labor complaint has been filed against him. In addition to this, he chose Antero Flores Araoz as his Premier, a politician who is well known for being racist, misogynist, and homophobic. And in his congress, 68 members have an open investigation, and Luis Valdez, president of the congress by that time, 52.

The manifestations were immediate. People surrounded the Government Palace and complained about the decision.
November 10th at 9 am, groups of people were protesting with signs of “Merino is not my president” and “Merino doesn’t represent me”.  Meanwhile, Congress was already trying to change things, like eliminating the SUNEDU (the organization that regulates universities) and presenting a Mining project that endangers our nature.

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November 12th was the 1st National march. During this day, many violent incidents happened. TV and radio were not covering the full story. So, there was a social media revolution, and users started to live stream and record everything. We could see in the photos and videos “terna” policemen dressed as civilians to provoke disturb and then arrest people. And although the protest was pacific during daylight, attacks happened in the night, as tear gas bombs were used by the police, causing many wounded people.

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November 14th – #14N was the 2nd National March, and in the night it all became a nightmare. Two young men in their twenties died, and many were badly injured or even disfigured. The police used tear gas bombs, bird shots, marble shots, and guns and they shot directly to the body. That caused the indignation of the whole country and many others around the world.

November 15th was a national grieve day, they were vigils all over the country to honor the deaths of Inti Sotelo Camargo and Jack Bryant Pintado Sanchez. They died fighting for a better country. Two heroes of this revolution, and an important part of the awakening of our people. Meanwhile, they were many missing people from that day. Since that day many have been found, but the search remains for others. That day Merino resigned, after many hours missing and after most of their ministers resigned.


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vigilia inti y bryan
vigilia inti y bryan 2

In memoriam of the heroes of the Bicentennial generation in Peru.

November 16th, Francisco Sagasti was elected as president to complete the 8 months left until the next elections.

We stand in solidarity with the families of Inti Sotelo and Jack Bryan Pintado and with all the families of the ones who are seriously injured.

Many of them are also in a critical situation, like Lucio Suarez, who is an environmental engineer at the National University of San Marcos. He has two bird shots in the head. He is currently in the Casimiro Ulloa Hospital. And like him, there are many other cases of protestants who fought for the rights of all the Peruvians and now are fighting for their lives.

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As they are many cases to mention here, and a lot of the families need financial support, we are sharing these Instagram accounts, where you can find ways to help them:

  • Dilo Fuerte (Say it at loud): @dilofuerte – Constantly sharing videos and infographics about the situation and ways to help the victims.
  • National coordinator of Human Rights:  @cnddhhperu – Sharing information about the protester’s rights.
  • Missing people Perú: @desaparecidos_pe – Updating information about the missing people, and donations to the families of the injured and deceased.

We encourage you to keep searching about these topics, and if you can, donate to the families in need.

And we did not want to miss the opportunity to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all those who protested and were there fighting for justice.


Until next post,

Coral Castro