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How to spend your days during coronavirus season?

We all know what is happening right now, the coronavirus has become a worldwide problem that we are fighting right now. If you are not fully informed about it yet, we invite you to check the World Health Organization website:

We also want to encourage you to respect these social isolation and the hygiene rules suggested. Please stay home! only go out if it’s necessary, for grocery shopping or if you need medicine or medical help. Please, take in consideration that this will not only prevent you from getting infected but also will help to decrease the growth curve of the virus. Do it for the elderly people, for the ill ones, they are the most affected by this virus. This is a serious matter that needs our contribution.


Let’s start!

  1. Binge watch a new show or your favorite one:

We know you should be informed about the situation outside, but you might get tired or stressed that the only topic is the coronavirus. So, if you want to free your mind for a moment, this is a great idea. Go to your streaming site of choice, and start searching for a good movie or tv show.

A series, documentaries or movies marathon is a good distraction when the weather doesn’t help.

2. Read a book:

A good book allows your mind to travel to the world of their words. You can pick a good classic, a romantic novel, a mystery case, etc. Let your imagination fly while enjoying a good story.

If you need some help picking a book, these sites will save you the trouble! You can find a brief synopsis of each title:

If you are a fashion and photography lover, we have great news! Vogue Italy is granting 3 months of free access to their online archives. All the details on how to enjoy this benefit are in this link:

3. Enroll in an online course

If you want to make your time count, nothing better than learning something new. There is a wide variety of courses offered online, pick the one you like, and start learning, some sites even offer certifications that will later help you improve your CV.

Here you can find some courses that might be interesting for you:

4. Work out

News flash! You don’t need to go to the gym to start exercising. Go to YouTube and type workout, you’ll be surprised by the amount of fitness accounts and programs that are available for you to follow. Best thing is most of them are free!

5. Dust off the board games

This is the perfect time to play a good board game with your family. Get your old games out that drawer and start playing. This will not only help you to kill some time but also bond with your family members. Let’s make this time together count!

And if you don’t have board games, you can play charades or your own pictionary version, you can guess a character… Let’s get creative!

Finally, but not less important, if you want to help the people that has been affected by the coronavirus. Here you have some links to fundraisers contributing directly with this issue.

I hope this post was helpful,

Until next time.

Stay safe!

Coral Castro