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Where can you find Graciela Huam designs?

Hi again! We are so excited to be back here, sharing more posts with you.  We want to let you know Graciela Huam team is working harder and harder every day to produce the best quality clothing for you.

If you still haven’t purchased one of our items, you need to go now and check our collections.

In case you don’t know it yet, Graciela Huam is part of different stores, and today we are going to talk about them, so keep reading!


This place is a very magical boutique at The Netherlands, where you can discover new brands. At  LIV STORES, you will find small collections from different designers, each with their own essence and style. But they all have one thing in common, sustainability. All of them choose consciously, and that’s why we are so happy to be a part of this store.

If you want to discover all the beautiful options in clothing and accessories LIV STORES has to offer, don’t doubt on visiting the store, it will be an experience you won’t regret. You can also learn more about them and the brands they have on their website.


This e-commerce promotes independent designers. SHOWROOM has a stylist’s team that carefully select the best products of every brand to show them in their online store. The key to the selection is the uniqueness that express individuality.

They love limited collection because their motto is “Wear it first – Be ahead of everyone”. Another thing worth mentioning is that they are eco-friendly, they only sell brands who not only offer the best quality, but they produce their clothing and accessories without damaging the planet. You have this online store available in Germany, and Poland, but they ship internationally.


Slow fashion is their motto, they don’t believe in fast fashion, instead they promote brands that make sustainable fashion. But not only they are involved in this movements, but also, they want the brands that they sell to be relevant, creative and timeliness.

They need to offer the best quality in every piece. The store located in Norway, also focuses in giving the best attention and great costumer service, because the experience the clients have in their place is crucial for them.

We are proud to be part of this store that is so committed with ethical fashion.  You can also purchase their pieces online in their web page JF Curated.






The concept of this store is a little different from the others, this gallery offers a symbiosis of art and sustainable labels. They have passion for sustainable and ethical fashion and try to make a social and cultural impact through their exhibitions. Gallery Malina, has a webpage where you can check their program and read a little brief about the exhibitions. Graciela Huam is present in Gallery Malina, with their “Sustainable knitwear innovations” exhibition, so if you are in Berlin, you can’t miss it!.

We would also like to announce that Graciela Huam is joining Gallery Malina in the Green Style Munich event, which takes places from 5th to the 7th April. We well be commercializing our spring classics there!


If you happen to be in Switzerland, we have an online option for you, Animazul. This is an e-commerce platform for Latin American labels. They support brands with unique history and promote craftsmanship, creativity and art. They love to have brands representing a culture, a heritage, and that empower their own communities by giving them jobs and sharing their story through their products.

Animazul really cares about the positive impact made by purchasing an item of this labels. It’s a window for the Latin American designers who seek to reach the European market.  We recently became part of Animazul, and we are so excited to represent Peru in this platform. You can find our Spring Summer 19 collection available by the end of this month!

Now that you now where to find us in different countries, you have no excuses!

Our clothing is waiting for you.

Until next post,

Thanks for reading!

Coral Castro