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Small ways to become sustainable

We are always encouraging you to shop from sustainable brands when it’s time to renew your closet. We’ve talked about the organic materials and the process behind the making of a piece of clothing. But living a sustainable life is much more than just buying a cotton organic t-shirt instead of a polyester one from a fast-fashion brand.

Many of us are so used to our daily habits and see living a sustainable life as a far reality, but the truth is, we can start contributing right now!

We’ve listed a couple of tips to help you reduce your waste and pollution in your daily routine.

1. Say “bye” plastic packaging

We know you’ve heard this a lot of times. But it’s not only not buying plastic water bottles and using your own. It is also choosing fresh vegetables instead of the ones in a bag. And taking your tote bag everywhere with you, when you are thinking of buying something. The same applies to straws, plastic cups, plastic dishes.

Check these links to find eco-friendly plastic-free products:

Avoi plastic packaging- GH

2. Reduce your car use

Some of us are so used to drive everywhere, even when we don’t need to, that we don’t take into consideration the amount of pollution and waste we are producing. We are not saying that should get rid of your car at all! But, when possible, choose to walk, or ride your bike. If it is not a busy hour, you can even try public transportation. Think about it!

3. Choose eco-friendly beauty products

We are aware that you still need products for your hair, body, and face such as shampoos or soap. But now some brands sell versions of these products that are eco-friendly, either they offer to refill the products, or some others offer bar versions instead of bottled ones.

You can find here some brands that sell plastic-free beauty products:

4. Try menstrual pads alternatives!

Every day there are so many more women swapping their pads for the cup or reusable menstrual pads or tampons. This considerably helps the environment because every month millions of tampons and pads are ending in the trash, this way you’ll reduce the waste.

We’ve gathered some links where you’ll find these products:


5. Support local

If you are grocery shopping, try going to your local markets or stores. Buying local means your food didn’t have a long travel to get to you, which not only means is fresher are preserves more vitamins and minerals, but also that their environmental impact is lower.


6. Shop second-hand

There are so many people re-selling their clothing, accessories, gadgets online. This a perfect way to get something in good condition but a lower price while helping the planet! Buying new things increases the demand, which translates to companies making more products, so let’s keep that in mind next time we are purchasing something.

You can also go check thrift store shops like these:

If you are interested in buying technology, you can check these places that sell refurbished ones:

7. Rent outfits!

If you are going to a special event and you have to buy a fancy outfit just to wear it once or twice in your life, why don’t you rent it instead? So many stores are now offering this service. It’s a perfect solution to not spend a lot of money on an item you are not going to wear much and to contribute to a sustainable economy.

Check these stores!

Rent a dress- GH

8. Invest in quality

Finally, when you are deciding between products to buy, try prioritizing the quality over price, that way you will get a long-lasting product instead of having to buy a new one every other month. It doesn’t need to be luxury, but we know a good quality brand is probably going to be more expensive than a cheap fast-production one. But think how long will the first one last compare to the second!


That is why here, in Graciela Huam, we are so committed to offering the best quality products while maintaining the best standards possible in our process. We care about our clients and we want to make pieces they will have for a long time. And we also care about being amicable with the environment and being fair with our artisans.


We hope these tips were helpful, and we encourage you to start trying these tips now!

Until next post,

Coral Castro