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Meet the team! Christmas 2017

This past week, the Graciela Huam team gathered with the artisans who are in charge of the garment. Grace, the founder of the brand, organized a trip to Puno, a very pretty and culturally rich city in Peru, so she and part of her team would share some time with the weavers.

The main goal was the fraternization between the people, because they are all working for the same project, so it’s important to be in the same page in order to get the best results. It was also the perfect time to teach them some of the new trends in Europe, this way they have more knowledge of what is next for them. Graciela Huam is seeking to improve collection by collection, for that reason is so important to have the weavers the best prepared they can be. Also, Grace showed them the lookbooks of the previous collections for them to see how their work has been shown and promoted in Netherlands. This was the greatest idea because they felt much more involved in the project after seeing them. They felt proud to see how their work is appreciated in another country.

After the trends lecture, everybody enjoyed a meal together, and they made a toast for the Holidays, for the success of the brand, for all the accomplishments and wishing for an even better year for each of them and Graciela Huam. The artisans said they really enjoy the day because they got to learn things from other part of the world, and they felt how Grace really cares not only for their work, but for them as persons too. The weavers, their kids, and the Graciela Huam team, spent a really good time and here are some pictures that captured the moment.

Thank you for reading!

Coral  Castro