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How to style your knitwear in Summer?

If you are out of ideas on how to be your most stylish self. Don’t worry! Today this post comes with a couple of ideas to rock your knitwear pieces with clothing and accessories that are easy to find and you probably already have them in your closet.

For the first look we have this fabulous knitwear dress with the back layer longer that the front, a statement piece by itself, you don’t need much else to rock it. Pair it up with some sandals and a nice straw bag that is the trendiest accessory of the season or any classic belt.

Dress Ica by Graciela Huam

Shoes Equinoxe by EN& shoes

If you like to be comfortable but also want to enhance your body, this third look is your option.  Mixing our knitwear top with ruffle sleeves with some high waisted pants is a great idea. You are going to create a pretty silhouette, accentuating your waist. Plus, the V neck and the flare sleeves besides looking great on you, allow you to be fresh.

Sweater Den Bosch by Graciela Huam

Shoes Plage multicolor by EN& shoes


Den Bosch Ruffle Sweater

Our next look, is for the ones who love to play with colors in summer. You can mix this knitwear asymmetric top with some pastel color pants to give it that pop of color to the outfit. Accessorize it with a cool straw hat, or maybe add some cool sunglasses, it’s up to you!

Soft Pima Cotton Sweater Kelly by Graciela Huam

Eco Shoes Plage multicolor by EN& shoes

With this fourth look, you get all the diva vibes. This long dress with slits at the sides can be worn as a dress or as blouse. Choose your favorite pair of jeans, to give that casual touch, and some cool high heels to put that last glow to the outfit. You can add a trendy piece, like this glasses, for the day. But simply taking them off and adding a couple accessories, you’ll have a party look for the night.

Dress Sweater Indy by Graciela Huam

Indi Dress Sweater Graciela Huam

….We have this skirt that is the perfect start for a great outfit. Neutrals colors can be complemented with any color. Pick a pretty blouse, like this one off shoulders, which is so trendy right now. Or choose an old blouse from your wardrobe. Add some pretty shoes and you are all set.

An ethical and cool choice, Isa Skirt by Graciela Huam

Our last look is perfect for the night. Total Black is always a good idea. As it is a monocromatic outfit, you can take advantage of it, and mix some different textures. Add some pretty heels and you are ready for the night. Or if you add some sandals or flats, you’re great for and afternoon out.

Nikki Organic Pima Cotton Trousers and Betty Sweater by Graciela Huam

betty sweater and nikki pants

Special thanks

Photographer: Denyza Tulum

Model: Bridget Brunnett

MUAH: Glamour Studio

Stylist: Grace Huam

Production Assistant: Alexandrine Nguyen

betty sweater

I hope you enjoy this outfits ideas,

Until the next post,

Coral Castro