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The Alpaca Industry in The Netherlands

We are going to head in a different direction today, and you are going to enjoy it.

As you know Graciela Huam’s clothing are made of alpaca wool. We are alpaca lovers, and we know we aren’t the only ones. In fact, here in Netherlands, we have organizations that care about alpacas very much, and we think it’s important to share a little bit of them with you.


  1. Alpaca Association Benelux.:

It’s an international association that promotes alpacas en Benelux. It’s also in charge of the provision of general information about the alpaca and the breeding of them. The help to improve of pig breeds of alpaca supported by a pedigree and an alpaca record, with the possibility of DNA-registration.

They also host an Alpaca show, during the show are the alpacas of which the alpaca breeders participate, and different labels of clothing participate in the even too. Graciela Huam was present at last year annual show: Alpaca Show Boekel 2017.


Photo Alpaca Association Benelux

2. Alpaca Farm: Tienda Molino

This farm breeds black alpacas from the best English and Australian bloodlines and their herd of black alpacas is the largest in the Netherlands. Besides that, they have their alpacas on sale and offer information and follow up in the care of alpacas for the new owners. In their website you can check the bloodlines of their alpacas and you can programs visits there too. In addition, they are usual contestants in the Benelux´s Alpaca show.


Photos Tienda Molino

3. Alpaca Farm: Quality Line

This farm has white and black alpacas. They not only produce great alpacas but also offer visits to their farm in Steensel to know more about the alpacas and how they live, or if you are interested in buying one. You can also spend some time with them, they are very kind animals if you take your time to know them. They are also part of the Benelux association, and are active members in their contest shows.


Photo Quality line’s facebook

I hope you enjoyed the post,

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Coral Castro.