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How to start shopping consciously!

The previous post have been about the reality behind the fast fashion world. However, you must be thinking : “but what do I do now?” Well, here you have some tips to start shopping consciously:

1. Do your research!

If you want to shop ethically, you need to know which brands follow this philosophy. Go online and check those brands, maybe you’ll discover some you’ve never heard of, maybe you can find out that one brand you like, is actually ethical.

We can give you a hand, for your inspiration:

And this is only the beginning!


2. Choose alternatives

Trends are always coming back.  Go check what you have in your wardrobe or in your mom’s closet, you would be surprise to find pieces that are trending again or will be, very soon. In addition, there are some pieces that are classics, and you can always use, like a good purse, that maybe your grandmother has. Finally yet importantly, please do not forget thrift stores! If you take your time searching, you can find cool stuff there.

3. Get creative!

If you are the DIY type of person, let your imagination fly. Thanks to the internet, now there are thousands of tutorials on how to up-cycle your old clothing. Go take your old jeans and turn them into new. You would be helping the environment and your wallet as well.

4. Capsule wardrobes are helpful.

A capsule wardrobe is about selecting 30 to 40 pieces per season (every 3 months), that are interchangeably. You only buy the things you really are going to wear and they have to be pieces you could combine with more than one item. Many ethical brands, Graciela Huam for example, launch pieces that work as basics and you can easily pair them up with another thing from your closet, so you have good ethical options while creating your also ethical, capsule wardrobe.

Here some ideas!


Photography’s by Carmen Wo wearing the classic Laurien Alpaca Sweater / Blog Lack of Color

Graciela Huam Spring Summer 2018 / Ica Rib Dress #musthave

Wear it on a blouse, t-shirt or simply like that!

You will find it online in April.

Hope these tips were helpful,

Thank you for reading!

Coral Castro.