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Berlin Fashion Week: Greenshowroom

During Berlin Fashion Week, sustainable fashion has a special place, two different events where you can contemplate all the brands included in this segment of fashion. And both of them were located at the Kraftwerk Berlin this year.

There is the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin, an event that presents progressive street-wear and casual wear labels. In the other hand, we have the Greenshowroom, which is more exclusive and high standard. This runway is directed for labels with more elegant designs and sustainable high-grade materials.


Photo by Thomas Niedermueller/Getty Images for Greenshowroom

Precisely, in the Greenshowroom is where, Graciela Huam, had the honor to participate this year, showcasing the Autumn Winter 18/19 collection, designed by Lis Bazán. This was the first catwalk for the brand and it was super exciting to introduce this new creation.

Crossroad collection’s concept was inspired by heartbreak and the colors and forms by Pablo Picasso’s live and art focusing on cubism art pieces that reflect the eight women who destroy his emotions. Graciela Huam showcased four outfits on the catwalk of the Greenshowroom Fashion Show, they represented the concept we just mentioned and you could see the essence through the design and the color blocking was present with a cubist style.

The color palette is neutral and atemporal having tones of beige and a grey scale with accent of scarlet tone which make reference to the emotions, the knots, the arteries. As for the knits, we have play with the cubism, having pieces with cuts created over Picasso masterpieces creating new forms and shapes. In addition, the collection plays with stitches direction and variation.


This collection is made of 100% Alpaca, Baby Alpaca and 100% Pima Cotton threads. We have a combination of machine-knitted and handknitted pieces made with love and respect of Peruvian fibers.

Through this event, Graciela Huam is seeking to positionate as a sustainable brand with unique designs, not just the typical Knitwear you are used to see. Behind our pieces there is a concept, techniques and the work of many Peruvian artisans that work hard with their machines or even their own hands to make the clothes we offer. Our goal is for this background to be recognized not just in Germany, but worldwide.

The label is glad to say the collection was well-received by attendees, the designs got great feedback and that is the greatest reward, because it means all the effort put in every piece is being appreciated. Also, the press had really good comments and they took a moment to interview the founder of the brand, Grace Huam.


Catwalk Fall Winter 18 19 Graciela Huam (4 styles) at The Greenshowroom Show Berlin

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Coral Castro.