The good you do, comes back to you and reinvents itself along the way!

Time goes on and fashion always follows in its footsteps, therefore, there are several trends that fit perfectly in each era, or we could say that fashion is a symbol of class and over time has been known to differentiate, but they say that ” the good must be repeated and continue to improve, since “everything returns”, So we presented some clothes that in their time were the most acclaimed, they disappeared, but had a remake years later and proved to be as successful as in their original time.

Ethnic prints on knitwear garments

In 1924 the hipster subculture composed of young bohemians associated with indie and alternative music trends, took this style to the streets showing printed sweatshirts, knitted sweaters and cotton drill shirts that many years later were able to draw a large number of followers for this fashion.

Dior Resort 2018

Oversize knitwear coats and sweaters – classic so they stay

Most in demand in the depth of winter, they come in extra-large, spacious and super comfortable types for different occasions such as work, weekends or meetings.

Stella McCartney Resort 2018

Graciela Huam Fall Winter 2017

Layered dresses

They were very fashionable in the 90s and the perfect seasons for them were Autumn and Winter, these consisted of wearing a dress of minimalist appearance mainly made of thin bands, placed on top of a cotton shirt with which they could mix designs and colours.

Kenzo Ready to Wear 2017

Bell bottom pants 

This fashion ignited passions in the 60s, it maintains a style tight to the knees and widened to the ankle giving a classic appearance, highlighting the body of the wearer.

For each era, garments were designed that marked the style of fashion, but, are they really history? remember, the good you do always come back to you!

(L-R): Beaufille, Ellery, Khaite, Adeam and Cushnie et Ochs – Resort 2018

PHOTOS: Vogue Magazine

Thank you!

Juan David Rojas Arrunátegui